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Smithfield in Poland


In 1999 Smithfield Foods acquired a majority stake in Animex SA, a public company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company now forms the processing part of its Polish operations. Animex was then on the verge of bankruptcy and required extensive modernisation to comply with stringent EU welfare, safety and environmental requirements.

Between 1999 and 2006 Smithfield invested US$250m in Animex and Polish agriculture and all profits continue to be reinvested into the Polish company. Via it’s ISO accreditation, Smithfield via Animex and Agri Plus also invest in their employee training and development as well as in improving farming viability. Today, Animex employs 8,400 people in Poland, making it the largest employer in the food sector. Between 2003 and 2005, Animex’s workforce increased by more than 50%. In addition Animex also have contracts with around 8.500 local farmers for hog production, grain and feed production.

Animex produces 10% of total Polish domestic pork and there are approximately 850 other EU approved meat plants in Poland.

Smithfield’s Agri Plus is their hog production facilitywhich owns 24 farms in Poland, directly employing 500 people and a further 6,000 through farming contracts. The Agri Plus Group only sells pork to Animex Group packing plants and produces around 5% of the hogs in Poland.

The average size of a Smithfield-owned farm in Poland is 4,000-6,000 hogs, which is classified as “medium” in EU terms – the largest Smithfield farm in Poland has around 5,000 hogs, compared to the larger farms in Denmark which have up to 20,000.

In addition to those directly employed by Smithfield, there are many others in the farming economy who benefit from Smithfield’s presence in Poland.

The company buys over half a million tonnes of grain for fodder from Polish farmers per year and farmers receive or buy liquid fertilizer from Smithfield. The company also contributes to the Polish economy through its use of transport, vets, technicians and pharmacists.


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