Pig Business Facts

Pig farming


In 2007 the UK consumption of pork was just over 901,000 tonnes; a little less than 15kg per person. Of this 624,000 tonnes (60%) was produced in the UK.

This accounted for 60% of all the pork eaten in the UK. The main importers of fresh and frozen pork to the UK are Denmark (40%) and Germany (14%) and the Netherlands (11%). Fresh and frozen pork from Polish reared pigs account for approximately 2% of imports to the UK and imports from the US account for less than 1% of the total.

During 2007, the UK produced 185,000 tonnes of bacon which accounted for a little over 40% of all the bacon consumed. Approximately 280,000 tonnes of bacon and ham is imported into the UK annually, the vast majority (90%) from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.


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