Pig Business Facts

Meeting EU Standards


Agri Plus, Smithfield’s hog production subsidiary, was the first in Poland to achieve ISO 14001 certification. By 2005 all of Smithfield’s Polish farms which supply the UK had achieved accreditation and implemented stringent ISO 14001:2005 environmental management systems which include waste and slurry management systems which have reduced odours and emissions by 60% and are designed to protect underground water against contamination.

In addition the company’s Environmental Management System covers other aspects such as education and training in environmental protection, mortality management and fresh water usage.

All Smithfield-run meat plants in Poland are IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) compliant and are inspected regularly by third parties, including government authorities to ensure the requirements are maintained. In addition all Smithfield-run farms which supply the UK are IPPC controlled.

Each Smithfield-owned farm in Poland has emission permits issued by the state environmental authority. Each Smithfield processing plant operates under strict limits imposed and controlled by the NSAEC and Kyoto Agreement. Internal audits are performed biannually and the results sent to NSAEC for their monitoring of CO2 levels.

All facilities in Poland are subject to regular and unannounced inspections by national government authorities, including the Woivodsip Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and independent third party bodies including Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a US auditing company. Farms supplying raw material to the UK are audited annually by Genesis QA, and quarterly by Integra Food Secure, an independent retailer body. 

All Smithfield-owned farms and production facilities in Poland are also audited by internal experts on an annual basis.


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