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Today’s consumers demand good quality food responsibly sourced from carefully managed farms, at a price they can afford.

The European Union, UK Government and international retailers all agree that regulations on pork producers are vital to ensure that they provide quality meat from pigs raised to well define high standards. To this end all farms supplying the UK are regularly inspected by internal company experts and independently audited by the local authorities, to ensure that the standards of animal welfare, food safety and environmental management are maintained throughout the operation.

Environmental issues, animal welfare and good business practices are all monitored to ensure that pig farming’s impact on the environment, its neighbours, and the communities it serves is minimised.

animal welfare

All farms and production facilities supplying European Union countries, including the UK, must meet EU and UK animal welfare standards. Most UK retailers have their own Codes of Practice, often containing more stringent criteria than stipulated by legislation.


high quality & standards

All of Smithfield’s Polish farms have ISO 140001 certification. These guidelines require commitment to a long-term management plan incorporating periodic third-party auditing, goal-setting, corrective action, documentation, and executive review.


environmental leadership

Smithfield have invested more than US$250 million in the refurbishment and modernisation of its Polish farms which, prior to purchase were previously either idle or being ineffectively run.



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